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All The While LP

Featuring the Francines Chamber Orchestra: Mike McGinnis (clarinet, bass clarinet, flute), Rob Mosher (oboe, English horn), Justin Mullens (trumpet), Louis Schwadron (French horn), Max Seigel (bass trombone, tuba), Jonathan Chu (violin), Benjamin Geller (violin, viola) and Hamilton Berry (cello). Produced by Chris Zane.

Available via Amazon, iTunes, Insound and Amie Street --> exclusive b-side!

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Night Light EP

Featuring Jeff Snyder (Bass), Ben Cassorla (Guitar), Aaron Kaplan (Guitar and Banjitar), Kate Sheeran (French Horn), Max Seigel (Bass Trombone), Christa Long (Clarinet), Catherine Bent (Cello), Beth Myers (Viola), and Mary Jo Stilp (violin). Produced by Matthew Libman.

$3 mp3 download (you will recieve a link to mp3s via email)

Handmade limited edition version only available at shows!

The EP is also available digitally via Other Music.


Frances, Paul's 2005 Solo Album

Frances, the album, is available on iTunes, at, Insound, Other Music (MP3s) and Cake Shop in New York City.

Engineered by Paul Hogan and Mike Newman at the Computer Music Center, Columbia University. Produced and Mixed by Paul Hogan Mastered by James Fei and Paul Hogan.

Paul Hogan - vocals, toy piano, guitar, kalimba, piano, accordion, pakistani banjo, drums on track 5, field recordings, programming and treatments. Bill Wolfe - guitar on track 2, harmonica on track 4. Tony Franklin's drum samples on tracks 3 and 6 recorded by Mike Barnhart.